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Featured article - June 14, 2024

Worst bad beats in sports betting history have lead to some of the most memorable gambling moments of all time. Bets that appeared to be certain wins suddenly lose in remarkable fashion. Below are some of the most improbable bad beats that have occurred in each major sport.

2012 Belk Bowl

Teams: Duke Blue Devils vs. Cincinnati Bearcats

Bad beat: Duke Blue Devils +9.5

Team 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q Total
Bearcats.png Cincinatti 3 14 10 21 48
Duke.png Duke 16 0 8 10 34

The Blue Devils opened the 2012 Belk Bowl with a 16-0 lead. As the game neared completion Duke found themselves in the Cincinnati red-zone with the score tied 34-34. Closing as +9.5 spread underdogs it seemed impossible for them not to cover. With 1:32 remaining on a 2nd & goal from the 5 yard line, Duke running back Josh Snead fumbled the ball after colliding with the back of Bearcats' defensive lineman Brandon Mills.

Even after the fumble it seemed inevitable that Duke would cover the spread. Four plays later Cincinnati tight end Travis Kelce scored an 83-yard touchdown on a pass from quarterback Brendon Kay. After the extra point Cincinnati lead 41-34 with 0:44 remaining. The Blue Devils were still covering.

And then suddenly they weren't.

With 0:27 remaining on a 1st & 10 from the Cincinnati 40 yard line, Duke quarterback Sean Renfree threw an interception under pressure which was returned for a 55 yard touchdown. The Bearcats went up 48-34 which was the final score, and one of sportsbetting's most infamous bad beats was cemented in history. Continue reading...

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