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Betting Wiki's site policies can be found below. We encourage all administrators and editors to familiarize themselves with this page's content. All members of the community are expected to adhere to these rules when creating content for the wiki. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the website. Achieving our goal of building a free online resource for accurate gambling information is only possible if all users are working together on the same wavelength.

Modifications to the site policy will occur as the community grows.


Editors are not permitted to submit plagiarized content to the wiki. This includes both copyrighted text and images. Users are permitted to quote other sources in their wiki entries as long as appropriate citation is provided. Users found plagiarizing content will have their accounts terminated and all submissions manually reviewed for potential copyright violations. If you are unsure if an excerpt of text you have created constitutes plagiarism please consult fellow editors on the appropriate discussion page.


In order to create a reliable online gambling resource all information submitted to the wiki must be accurate. Those familiar with the industry are likely aware of the misinformation that can easily circulate. Submissions containing incorrect or questionable information will be removed. Users who appear to be purposely submitting false information will have their accounts terminated. Editors accidentally submitting false information will be asked to perform more thorough research before making further entries.

References and Citation

All non-trivial information submitted to the wiki must be adequately cited from a reliable source. Users may consult the Editor's Handbook to learn about the wiki's referencing format. Information presented as fact without appropriate citation will be removed and the editor will be notified. Repeat violation of this rule will result in temporary account suspension.

External Links

External links are defined as a hyperlink to a domain other than Editors are not permitted to modify or add external links for any reason other than creating a reference or citation. Users are not permitted to create their own affiliate links. Website owners may not use the wiki to link to their own site for advertising or search engine optimization purposes. Editors may not link to graphic, disturbing, or unrelated content. Site administrators verify that each external link adheres to the rules.