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This page contains frequently asked questions about the wiki. Editors who have formatting queries should consult the Editor's Handbook. If this page does not answer your question post a new topic on the Discussion page. Editors are encouraged to append this page with answers to common questions.


Do I need an account to edit the wiki?

Yes. Anonymous edits have been disabled in an effort to combat spam. Please register for a free account if you wish you contribute to our community. This way is easier for the administration team to monitor each user's activity to ensure site policies are being adhered to.

Can I modify external links?

Editors are only permitted to modify external links when creating a new citation in the reference section of an article. This restriction is imposed in order to prevent link abuse for purpose of search engine optimization or the insertion of affiliate links. Editors caught modifying or inserting non-citation external links will have their accounts terminated.

Can I create a new page?

Yes. Users may create new pages so long as they are gambling related and are not closely related to the contents featured on a pre-existing page (in which case adding a new section might be more appropriate). We ask editors to not create new pages for betting sites. Administrators must thoroughly inspect any online sportsbook before granting it a page on the wiki. We do not want to allow shady bookmakers to create their own pages with false information.

Can I format pages any way I want?

While some creativity is encouraged we would appreciate if all pages appeared to follow a consistent style outlined in the Editor's Handbook. Another editor or administrator will correct any formatting errors.


Can you create a wiki page for my betting site?

If you own or operate a betting site and would like a wiki page created please contact the administration team directly. Please do not create the page yourself. All new betting sites must be inspected by our staff before a new page can be authorized.

Can my site's review be featured in a sportsbook article's review section?

We are happy to feature sportsbook reviews from reputable sites in the review section of our sportsbook articles. This will include your site's name, icon logo, review score, and a link to the corresponding page. In return we ask you to include a link to the wiki at the footer of your site.

Can my sportsbook purchase advertisement space on the wiki?

Betting Wiki does not run any advertisements. We are not currently looking for paid sponsored campaigns.