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A future bet is a long-term wager made on an event that will occur in the following weeks or months. Most future bets involve season-long team statistics or who will win the league championship.

About Futures

Because futures usually involve events with a small relative probability of occurring most bets feature long odds. Most sportsbooks display futures with fractional odds. The most common type of future bet involves which team will win their respective league's championship. Futures are often available throughout the on-going season with oddsmakers adjusting the lines based on game-by-game progress.

Below is an example of mid-season NBA championship odds along with a sample risk/return:

Team Championship Odds Risk Profit
Los Angeles Clippers 7/2 $100 $350
Los Angeles Lakers 7/2 $100 $350
Milwaukee Bucks 5/1 $100 $500
Philadelphia 76ers 15/2 $100 $750
Houston Rockets 8/1 $100 $800
Denver Nuggets 14/1 $100 $1,400
Utah Jazz 19/1 $100 $1,900
Toronto Raptors 21/1 $100 $2,100

Future markets for individual team statistics are also available. Bettors can wager on team win totals for the upcoming season:

Team Win Total
Seattle Seahawks Over 9.5 (-110)
Under 9.5 (-110)