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5Dimes is an online betting site available in multiple countries including the United States, Canada, and Australia. The sportsbook is currently available in all 50 US states. 5Dimes was first launched in November 1996 out of San Jose, Costa Rica.

Years Active 1996 - Present
Status Online
Headquarters San Jose, Costa Rica
Countries USA.svg United States
Canada.svg Canada
Europe.svg Europe
Australia.svg Australia
Bonus Reduced Juice bonus
$520 Sportsbook Bonus
50% Casino Bonus
Free Withdrawals
Claim Bonus June 2024 Bonus
Deposit VISA.svg VISA
MasterCard.svg MasterCard
PersonToPerson.png Person-to-Person
ETransfer.png Money Order
Bitcoin.png Bitcoin
Withdrawal Check.svg Cashier Check
PersonToPerson.png Person-to-Person
ETransfer.png Money Order
Bitcoin.png Bitcoin
BankWire.png Bank Wire
Homepage 5Dimes.eu

As of June 2024, 5Dimes remains a popular online betting sites among American gamblers. High limit markets with competitive odds have made them a convenient sportsbook for both casual and experienced bettors.

Signup Bonus

Players may claim their signup bonus by joining through the 5Dimes June 2024 promo link. The betting site is currently offering new customers a selection of signup bonuses. Popular options include Reduced Juice, a 50% sportsbook first deposit bonus, a 50% casino bonus, and access to free monthly withdrawals.

By default new accounts are assigned the Reduced Juice bonus. Players are required to contact 5Dimes support through 24/7 live-chat if they desire an alternative bonus.

5Dimes signup bonuses for June 14, 2024:

5Dimes Signup Bonuses - June 2024
Bonus Details Promo Code Link
Money.svg Reduced Juice bonus. Gain access to ten-cent (-105) lines.
Available for all major sports.
Default Claim
Money.svg Sportsbook first deposit bonus. 50% match on deposits between $100-400.
Additional 20% match on deposits between $400-2,000.
Not required Claim
Money.svg Casino first deposit bonus. 50% match on deposits between $50-250.
Available for use in MatchPlay casino.
Not required Claim
Money.svg Free withdrawals. One free payout per 30 day period.
No processing fees.
Not required Claim
5Dimes Signup Bonuses - June 2024
Bonus Promo Code Link
Money.svg Reduced Juice bonus
(ten-cent lines)
Default Claim
Money.svg 50% sportsbook bonus
(up to $520 USD)
Not required Claim
Money.svg 50% casino bonus
(up to $125 USD)
Not required Claim
Money.svg Free withdrawals
(one per month)
Not required Claim

Reduced Juice

Considered to be the best bonus for experienced sports-bettors due to its long term value. The Reduced Juice bonus gives users access to ten-cent lines across all major sports including football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Ten-cent lines are highly advantageous due to there being a 50% smaller margin between both possible outcomes. Instead of the industry standard -110 odds on football and basketball spreads/totals (where the bettor is required to risk $110 to win $100), Reduced Juice offers -105 instead ($105 to win $100). 5Dimes also offers five-cent overnight MLB lines for an even larger advantage. Reduced Juice lines are normally posted the day of the event. The minimum wager amount is $1 with a maximum of $500 ($1,000 for NFL lines).

50% Sportsbook First Deposit Bonus

New customers will receive a match on their first deposit credited in free-plays. Deposits between $100-400 USD will receive a 50% match up to $200 USD. Larger deposits between $400-2,000 USD will receive an additional 20% match up to a total of $520 USD. Free-plays are incrementally credited to the player's account as bets are placed. The initial deposit must be rolled over ten-times before the full value of the bonus is earned. The bonus breakdown is available in the following table:

5Dimes Sportsbook First Deposit Bonus
Deposit Amount 50% match 20% match Total Bonus
$100 $50 $0 $50
$400 $200 $0 $200
$500 $200 $20 $220
$1,000 $200 $120 $320
$2,000 $200 $320 $520

50% Casino First Deposit Bonus

A 50% first deposit match up to $125 USD to be used in 5Dimes' MatchPlay casino, which features a variety of table games, slot machines, and video poker. Bonus funds are incrementally released as the user bets in the MatchPlay casino. The initial deposit amount must be rolled over ten-times before the full value of the bonus is earned.

Free Payouts Bonus

5Dimes offers customers the ability to receive one free payout every 30 days as a bonus option. This option is recommended for users who intend on using a withdrawal option that incurs a high processing fee such as cashier check, money order, or bank wire transfer.

Available Countries

5Dimes is available in most major betting markets including Canada and the United States. Users from all 50 US states can register an account and place a bet with 5Dimes.

Availability by country as of June 14, 2024:

5Dimes Availability by Country
Albania.svg Albania Australia.svg Australia Austria.svg Austria
Belarus.svg Belarus Belgium.svg Belgium Bosnia.svg Bosnia
Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria Canada.svg Canada China.svg China
Croatia.svg Croatia CzechRepublic.svg Czechia Denmark.svg Denmark
Estonia.svg Estonia Finland.svg Finland France.svg France
Germany.svg Germany Greece.svg Greece Hungary.svg Hungary
Iceland.svg Iceland Ireland.svg Ireland Italy.svg Italy
Japan.svg Japan Latvia.svg Latvia Lithuania.svg Lithuania
Macedonia.svg Macedonia Mexico.svg Mexico Moldova.svg Moldova
Montenegro.svg Montenegro Netherlands.svg Netherlands NewZealand.svg New Zealand
Norway.svg Norway Poland.svg Poland Portugal.svg Portugal
Romania.svg Romania Russia.svg Russia Serbia.svg Serbia
Singapore.svg Singapore Slovakia.svg Slovakia Slovenia.svg Slovenia
Spain.svg Spain Sweden.svg Sweden Switzerland.svg Switzerland
Ukraine.svg Ukraine UnitedKingdom.svg United Kingdom USA.svg United States

Deposit Methods

Available deposit methods include VISA, MasterCard, Person-to-Person transfers, money orders, and Bitcoin. Most deposit methods incur no additional fees. 5Dimes covers courier fees for deposits over a fixed amount.

5Dimes Deposit Methods (USD)
Method Min Max Fee
VISA.svg VISA $50 $500 None
MasterCard.svg MasterCard $50 $500 None
PersonToPerson.png Person-To-Person $100 $690 None
ETransfer.png Money Order $100 None None
Bitcoin.png Bitcoin $25 $10,000 None
Voucher.svg Sportsbook Transfer $500 None None
Voucher.svg Account Transfer $50 None None

Credit Card Deposits

Credit, debit, and gift cards with VISA or MasterCard branding can be used to deposit at 5Dimes. All transactions must be between $50 and $500 USD. Credit card deposits must be made in the cardholder's name. As an additional layer of security 5Dimes uses a Secure 3D XML protocol for card transactions. Users should not close any tabs when making a card payment until the transaction is fully completed. All 5Dimes credit and debit card deposits are discrete.

Credit card deposits are processed instantly and are available 24/7.

Person-to-Person Deposits

5Dimes processes person-to-person transactions from 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM EST from Monday through Saturday, and 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM on Sundays. Only cash transactions are accepted. The sender name must match the exact information used at the money transfer agency. 5Dimes will credit the funds 20-40 minutes after receiving the reference number. Longer processing time can be expected on weekends.

Users are permitted one Person-to-Person deposit every 8 days. 5Dimes covers all transaction fees for payments larger than $250 USD.

Money Order Deposits

Money orders are available through DHL courier service. The minimum deposit amount is $100 USD. User accounts will be credited within 12 hours of delivery. 5Dimes covers all courier fees for money order transactions larger than $1,000 USD.

Bitcoin Deposits

Bitcoin cryptocurrency deposits are available for values between $25 and $10,000. When initiated 5Dimes will provide the customer with a Bitcoin address to send funds to. If the deposit is sent within 15 minutes of initiation the currency exchange rate at that time will be applied during the conversion to USD. Deposits processed after 15 minutes will instead use the currency exchange rate available when depositing.

Sportsbook Transfer

Users can fund their 5Dimes account by transferring an existing balance from a participating sportsbook. The minimum transfer amount is $500 USD. 5Dimes charges no additional fees when facilitating a sportsbook transfer.

Account Transfer

5Dimes customers can transfer their account balances among each other. The minimum account transfer is $50 USD. The transaction will not count towards the transferring user's free monthly withdrawal.

Withdrawal Methods

5Dimes grants customers one free payout every 30 days. Users may withdraw their winnings through Person-to-Person transfers, cashier check, money order, Bitcoin, bank wire, or sportsbook/account transfer.

5Dimes Withdrawal Methods (USD)
Method Min Max Fee Process Time
Check.svg Check $1,000 $7,500 $40-80 1-2 weeks
PersonToPerson.png Person-to-Person None $450 $10-28 24-48 hours
PersonToPerson.png Money Order $1,000 $7,500 $40-80 3-4 days
Bitcoin.png Bitcoin $50 $10,000 None 24 hours
BankWire.png Bank Wire $1,000 $9,500 $80 4-6 days
Voucher.svg Sportsbook Transfer $500 None None 12 hours
Voucher.svg Account Transfer $50 None None 12 hours

Cashier Check Withdrawals

5Dimes sends cashier check withdrawals discretely through an express courier service such as FedEx. Payouts via check are processed within 24-48 hours along with 7-10 days transit time. 5Dimes checks are sent from foreign banks therefore users should verify in advance that their bank will accept a foreign check. Customers may request one cashier check withdrawal every 7 days.

The limits on cashier checks are $1,000 - $7,500 USD. If a user has already expended their free monthly payout the withdrawal fee will scale based on the amount of the check:

5Dimes Cashier Check Fees (USD)
Check Amount Fee
Free Monthly Payout None
$1,000 $40
$1,001 - $2,000 $60
$2,001 - $7,500 $80

Customers located in Canada or the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Maryland and Oklahoma can receive a maximum of $3,000 USD at once via check.

Person-to-Person Withdrawals

Person-to-Person payouts require 24-48 hours to process and are completed Monday through Sunday between 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST. The maximum withdrawal amount is $450. Users are permitted one person-to-person transfer per day with a limit of three per week. Transaction fees range between $10 to $28 if the user has already expended their free monthly withdrawal.

Money Order

Payout via money order is only available to US customers. Processing time is 24-48 hours with an additional 3 business days required for express transit. Once the user receives the Money Order request it can be deposited through their bank's ATM machine.

Check Amount Fee
Free Monthly Payout None
$1,000 $40
$1,001 - $2,000 $60
$2,001 - $7,500 $80


Withdrawals via Bitcoin are available for amounts between $50 to $10,000 USD. Users who exclusively deposit via Bitcoin will have no maximum limit on the amount that can be withdrawn at once. Bitcoin payouts are free and will be processed in under 24 hours.

After requesting a Bitcoin payout users will receive an e-mail requiring them to verify the Bitcoin address that the funds will be sent to. You must have device-based authentication enabled in order to request a cryptocurrency payout.

Bank Wire

5Dimes customers can request a payout through bank wire transfer for amounts between $1,000 and $9,500 USD. Funds will require 4-6 business days in order to arrive in the user's bank account. Payout via bank wire transfer incurs an $80 processing fee if the user has already redeemed their free monthly withdrawal. Banks may also charge an additional fee between $5-45 which will not be covered.

Users may not request a bank wire transfer for their first withdrawal.

Sportsbook Transfer

Customers may request a transfer of their 5Dimes balance to another participating betting site. The minimum transfer amount is $500 USD. Transfers are instant and there are no additional fees. Users should contact 5Dimes customer support to inquire about eligible sportsbooks.

Account Transfer

5Dimes customers may transfer their account balances among each other. Account-to-account transfers are free and require a minimum amount of $50 USD.


Available betting markets for NFL matches.

The 5Dimes sportsbook features betting markets for all major sports leagues. Available sports include football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, motor racing, boxing, and MMA. Offered betting markets include moneylines, spreads, totals, team totals, player props, game props, and futures. Customers have access to a variety of wager types including straight bets, parlays, teasers, pleasers, monsters, if bets, and action reverse.

Betting Limits

The minimum wager amount on any 5Dimes betting market is $0.50 USD. Upper betting limits vary by sport. The maximum amount that can be placed on one market through the Internet is $5,000 USD. Betting limits are reset once a line has been adjusted. Users are also welcome to contact 5Dimes by phone in order to place a wager over the set limit.

Exotic propositions have a limit of $50 and live in-play wagers have a limit of $500.


5Dimes offers competitive odds as expected from a high limit betting site. Sportsbooks that accept large wagers cannot risk significantly deviating their lines from the current market. This gives users access to odds similar to those available in a physical Vegas casino.

The following table contains 5Dimes parlay payouts based on odds of -110:

5Dimes Parlay Payout Table
Number of teams Payout Number of teams Payout
2 2.64/1 10 642.08/1
3 6/1 11 1226.70/1
4 12.28/1 12 2342.79/1
5 24.35/1 13 4473.51/1
6 47.41/1 14 8541.25/1
7 91.42/1 15 16306.94/1
8 175.44/1 16-25 True Odds
9 335.85/1

Live Betting

5Dimes offers multiple livebetting platforms allowing users to bet on matches that are currently in progress: Sports Betting Ultra, Sports Betting Prime, Sports Betting Plus, and Live Betting Extra. Each platform hosts livebetting for different matches and markets. Sports Betting Ultra offers the largest selection of available matches including lower division European soccer, hockey, and basketball. US and Canadian customers also receive a 2.941% rebate on all winning and losing bets placed. Sports Betting Prime features esports wagering for Overwatch, CS:GO, Dota, and League of Legends. Live Betting Extra offers betting on major sports events with a larger selection of markets. It is also available on mobile devices. Sports Betting Plus allows users access to both pre-match and in-play betting in the same interface.

Betting Contest

5Dimes betting streak contest selection page.

Active 5Dimes accounts are eligible to participate in a free betting streak contest. Every 24 hours users are able to select one spread or total as their contest entry. Prizes are distributed based on total win streak. Customers who achieve win streaks of 5, 10, and 15 picks will receive a free play of value $50, $500, and $2,000 respectively. Users who reach a 25 win streak will obtain a $5,000 cash reward. The top streak at the end of each month will receive a $1,000 free play. In order to be eligible for the 5Dimes betting contest users are required to have placed a bet in the sportsbook within 24 hours of the first selection in their current streak. Participants must submit one contest entry every 7 days to maintain their streak.


5Dimes offers five different casino platforms: Grand Casino, Jackpot Casino, Gold Casino, Bonus Casino, and Match Play Casino. Each one offers the player a variety of table games, slot machines, and video poker. Certain casinos grant additional bonuses to customers.

Live Dealer

5Dimes' Live Dealer Casino allows users to play popular table games with a live dealer over video stream. Users can chat with other players and the dealer in the room. Offered live games include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and Super6.

A blackjack table with a live dealer.

Grand Casino

Features over 200 casino games including table games, video poker, and over 100 different slot machines. Many of the Grand Casino games have been optimized for mobile use. Game client can either be played through the browser or downloaded.

Jackpot Casino

The Jackpot Casino offers over 120 3D slot machines all of which are available on mobile devices. Most of the games here feature a progressive jackpot.

Gold Casino

The Gold Casino offers unique table games, video poker, slot machines, pull tabs, and virtual scratch tickets.

Bonus Casino

5Dimes' Bonus Casino features daily bonuses and larger payouts. All casino games have undergone two third-party fair gaming audits to ensure fairness. The Bonus Casino features table games, blackjack, video poker, slot machines, bingo, and keno.

Match Play Casino

New customers can opt to receive a 50% first deposit bonus up to $125 to be used in the MatchPlay casino. This platform features many of 5Dimes' most frequently played games including single-deck blackjack.


5Dimes poker interface at a cash table.

5Dimes is a member of the Grand Poker Network. Their software is accessible to Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

Supported poker variants are Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo Along with cash tables players have access to multiple tournament formats including shootouts, sit-and-go, freeze out, rebuys, satellites, and freerolls.

In recent years 5Dimes poker has become relatively inactive outside of weekly tournaments. US players searching for active cash tables should consider alternative options.

Contact Info

Customer support can be contacted via phone, live-chat, and e-mail. Due to their large player base 5Dimes has multiple phone numbers for each department.

5Dimes contact information as of June 14, 2024:

5Dimes Contact Information
Phone.svg Customer Service 1-800-430-5896
Phone.svg New Accounts 1-877-332-7501
Phone.svg Sports Wagering 1-866-924-3772
Phone.svg Horse Wagering 1-800-761-1253
Email.svg E-mail info@5Dimes.eu
Livechat.svg Live Chat On site