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The Big Book was an early internet sportsbook that was launched in 1998. It was one of the first online betting sites that accepted customers from the United States.

The Big Book
The Big Book
Years Active 1998 - 2003
Status Closed
Headquarters Costa Rica
Countries USA.svg United States


The Big Book was created in 1998. The sportsbook was powered by Cyberoad who provided software for many early betting sites including Mayan Sports, and Grand Prix Sports. The Big Book processed payments through eBanx which allowed customers to deposit via credit card and receive payouts through e-check.

Grand Prix Sports homepage after being purchased by The Big Book.

On July 20, 2000 eSportz acquired Cyberoad assets after the company shut down.[1]. The Big Book reached an agreement with the new provider to continue operating with the same betting software. Around this time The Big Book purchased Grand Prix Sports, who were operating out of the same Costa Rica office under different ownership.

Following the purchase The Big Book and Bodog (a new betting site owned by eSportz) began operating out of the same office. Both sportsbooks employed the accounting firm Kazootek Technologies (the then operators of eBanx). On June 15th, 2001 Kazootek employees Viktoria Zazuolina and Tatiana Kostiouk allegedly began embezzling money from company accounts. The duo recruited a third employee Greg Tanner to aide them in the launch of a rival company. The three employees allegedly planned to steal the betting software source code from eSportz. The Big Book's rumored implication lead eSportz to terminate their partnership in 2003.


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